Rules on conduct in border zones

If you plan to spend a holiday in areas adjoining the eastern border, be sure you know where the temporary control line runs. If you have any questions, you may always contact the local border guard station. Those hiking or foraging near the eastern border should be attentive. The temporary control line between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation is marked by border posts, and the border regime area is marked by warning signs with the image of a hand in red and the text “Seis, Eesti piir” (Stop. Estonian state border).

Eesti riigipiirile paigutatud hoiatussildid Seis Eesti riigipiir ja Tähelepanu piirirežiimi ala, kehtivad piirangud

Pursuant to border regime rules, all blasting work, exercises, competitions, hunts and other events taking place less than 5 kilometres from the border must be coordinated in writing with a prefecture if they may interfere with guarding of the state border or disrupt the border peace. The use of toxic and radioactive substances on transboundary bodies of water is prohibited. The border peace is disturbed by any activity whose impact can extend across the state border or hinder guarding of the state border.

It is prohibited to use red flare rockets without a valid reason on territorial and inland waters, lakes Peipus, Lämmijärv and Pskov and in immediate proximity to these bodies of water. A red flare is a maritime distress signal and use for other reasons is prohibited by law.