What to do in the event of a traffic accident

A traffic accident is an incident in which at least one vehicle moves on or off the road causing injury, death or material damage.

In the event of a traffic accident:

  • Stop as quickly as possible without creating any additional risk and switch on the hazard warning lights together with the position lights. In the absence of hazard warning lights or if the vehicle is located at a place where visibility is poor or limited, place a warning triangle on the road
  • If the victim(s) need(s) assistance, call 112. After calling for assistance, give first aid to the injured. If you have not received first aid training, it is advisable to coordinate the need for first aid with the Rescue Board
  • Make every effort to ensure that traffic at the scene is safe and that the consequences of the accident are not aggravated
  • The vehicle or objects involved in the accident may only be moved before the arrival of the police if it is impossible for other vehicles to pass and if the position and traces of the vehicle and objects have been marked in advance in the presence of witnesses
  • Write down the names and addresses of eyewitnesses
  • Present the appropriate documents at the request of the individual involved in the traffic accident
  • Drivers involved in a traffic accident are forbidden from consuming alcohol, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances before the circumstances are established at the scene of the accident
  • Be polite and try to remain calm when establishing and clarifying the circumstances of the accident

Call the emergency phone number 112 if:

  • There are victims in the traffic accident who need medical attention
  • No one was injured in the accident, however, the driver(s) involved in the traffic accident or the driver and the person(s) who suffered damage disagree on the issue of liability
  • No one was injured, but it is not possible to ensure further safety of road users or the environment
  • If the person who suffered damage as a result of the accident or the person who caused the accident is not present at the scene of the traffic accident or if for any other reason it is not possible to draw up and sign a document with the details of the accident or to sign it
  • There has been a collision with large game within the meaning of the Hunting Act (Regulation No 59 of the Minister of the Environment of 09.10.2002 — List of Wild Game). The list of large game includes wolf, bear, lynx, wild boar, red deer, moose, roe deer

Report a traffic accident online

  • At avarii.ee you can report a traffic accident at the scene of the accident on your smartphone in Estonian, Russian and English.
  • You can make a digital report about traffic accidents involving up to five vehicles in Estonia. In addition to accidents involving vehicles, you can submit a damage report regarding accidents involving a vehicle and other property, such as bicycles, scooters, light electric vehicles or a fence, house, petrol pump, etc.
  • You can make a report regarding vehicles registered in Estonia as well as those registered abroad.
  • You have to enter the information on the vehicles involved in the accident and the circumstances of the accident into the application, add photos of the vehicles and the scene of the accident and, once you confirm the information, the damage report will be sent to the insurance company of your choice for review.

Notify your motor insurer of the traffic accident if:

  • No one was injured in the accident and the driver(s) involved in the accident or the driver and the victims are in agreement as to the cause of the accident, the documents of vehicles and drivers are in order, the drivers and the pedestrian(s) are sober
  • The drivers and pedestrian(s) involved in the accident have made their views known in writing, identifying the person responsible for the damage, and have signed it

Filling in the accident report form

We recommend using the accident report form (“Teade liiklusõnnetusest”) to report a traffic accident. If you fill in the form correctly, you can be sure that all the relevant information is included. This form is in use throughout Europe, making it easier to report a traffic accident when the parties come from different countries. You can usually obtain the form from insurance companies or petrol stations.

In case there are more than two parties involved in a traffic accident, several sets of the accident report form are completed.

It is always a good idea to note down any witnesses (their names and contact details).

If no form is available, report the accident on plain paper, which must include:

  • The time, date and exact location of the accident
  • Details of the vehicle owners (name, address, telephone)
  • Details of the drivers (name, address, telephone, driving licence number)
  • Registration details of the vehicles involved in the accident (make, model, registration plate)
  • Details of the pedestrian(s) involved in the accident (name, address, telephone, e-mail address)
  • Details of potential witnesses
  • Brief description and diagram of the accident, including the position of the vehicles and their trajectories
  • Signatures of the parties involved, including a note of who is responsible for causing the accident

Which motor insurer to notify?

  • In the case of common vehicle damage, the victim can claim compensation from his/her own motor insurer or from the insurer of the party who caused the damage.
  • The party who caused the damage and the victim must immediately notify either the insurer of the party who caused the damage or the insurer of the victim of the insured event.
  • The party who caused damage and the party who suffered the damage must keep the vehicle or another thing that was damaged as a result of the insured event in the condition following the insured event to the extent possible and present it to the insurer.