The police advise not to travel to Russia!

Possible closing of border crossing points

Due to migration pressure from Russia, Estonia may be forced to close border crossing points. You can no longer return to Estonia via a closed border crossing point.

Please note that if Estonia is forced to temporarily close its border crossing points due to migration pressure, you will not be able to return to Estonia through this border crossing point.

At the end of 2023, Russia has deliberately directed to the Estonian border groups of foreigners lacking the legal right to enter the European Union.

If these activities continue, we will be forced to close border crossing points in order to protect national security and public order, as has already been done in Finland due to migration pressure.

In the event of closure of the border crossing point, this will apply to all those crossing the border here. This means that you will need to use another border crossing point to return to Estonia, which may add several hundred kilometers to your journey.

More information

State helpline 1247