Refund of state fee

If the state fee was overpaid, the payer has the right to seek a refund of the excess.

To do this, submit an application for refund of state fee.

Documents necessary for application

The application can be submitted:

  • at PBGB service offices
  • by mail
  • by email

Submission of application by mail

Mail the application to the PBGB at Pärnu mnt 139, 15060 Tallinn.

Submission of application by email

Sign all of the documents necessary for the application in a single digital container. Send the signed container to .... In the subject field, specify: “Riigilõivu tagastamise taotlus” (Application for refund of state fee)

The PBGB shall make the decision regarding refund of state fee and the PBGB shall refund the state fee within 30 calendar days of receiving the application

The claim for the refund will expire after two years has passed since the end of the year in which the state fee was paid.

The State Fees Act governs state fee refunds.