Data protection conditions

Applying for a position or internship

If you apply for a job or internship at the Police and Border Guard Board, we will proceed from the information you disclose or which is available from public sources. The job/internship candidate has the right to know what data has been collected concerning them and to provide explanations and make counterclaims if necessary.

The recruitment of candidates is organized by the Police and Border Guard Board human resources office. Data for participants in recruitment rounds are not disclosed to other candidates or to persons not participating in the specific recruitment and selection process. All persons taking part in the recruitment process shall maintain the information received (in writing or electronically) and gathered about candidates confidential..

We assume that the candidate has provided consent to the references for responding to questions about them and that the persons listed as references have consented to the Police and Border Guard Board contacting them.

Data of candidates who are not selected are retained for resolving possible legal disputes arising over the recruitment process until the statute of limitations expires (one year). With the consent of the candidate, we will retain the data for the candidate for an agreed-upon term for inviting the candidate to participate in competitions held in the future.

The candidate’s data are considered information subject to access restrictions that third parties can access only in cases set forth in legislation.

If you apply for an internship with us, the same requirements as for job applicants apply to processing of your personal data.