Data protection conditions

The right to examine data concerning oneself

Everyone has the right to examine the data collected concerning themselves. To do this, submit a request. We will respond to it as soon as possible and within no more than one month. We will release personal data on either paper or electronically, depending on the person’s preference.

The request should be signed in one’s own hand or digitally, to ensure that we have verified your identity before issuing the personal data. Data collected about you will be released only to you. We will release personal data to third parties only if we have a right to do so under a legal act.

We refuse requests to examine personal data only on grounds specified in legislation, if examining of the data may:

  • harm another person’s rights or freedoms
  • jeopardize national security
  • obstructing or damaging prevention, detection, processing of offences or carrying out of punishment.

Everyone has the right to demand correction of inaccurate personal data.

If we (no longer) have a legal basis for use of personal data, you may demand that the data be deleted or that their use be restricted.

In all matters related to processing of personal data by the Police and Border Guard, you will receive a response from our data protection specialists. Please write to ... if you have a related question.

You have the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court of law if you have complaints regarding processing of personal data.