Estonian citizenship for an adult


How to apply?

Application for the citizenship can be addressed in person at a Service Office.

For submitting, the application in the Service Office make a reservation online.

What documents are needed?

  • a completed application form for an adult
  • a document certifying legal income
  • digital photo
  • a document certifying payment of the state fee, e.g., a payment order
  • a document proving that the applicant has been released from citizenship of another state or will be released from such citizenship in relation to the acquisition of Estonian citizenship or that he or she has been declared a person with undetermined citizenship
    • this document does not have to be submitted by a person who has been granted international protection in case the situation in his or her country of origin has not changed
  • a certificate on passing the examination on the knowledge of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia and the Citizenship Act

The documents need not be submitted if the data is included in national databases.

In case if you are unable to pass the examinations due to your state of health, please enclose a decision of an expert committee that will release you either partially or fully from taking the exams.