International cooperation

What is it?

The main goal of the Police and Border Guard Board’s foreign relations activity is to support implementation of developments and policies in the field of domestic security. The development department’s international cooperation office manages and organizes performance of obligations arising from the regulations of international organizations, foreign treaties and inter-agency international treaties.

Point of contact and cooperation in matters related to borders, police and migration and training and education
  • UN – United Nations
  • OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  • Interpol – International Criminal Police Organization
  • EASO – European Asylum Support Office
  • Europol – European Police Office
  • Frontex – European Border and Coast Guard Agency
  • NFIP – National Football Information Point
Bilateral and multilateral international cooperation
  • with European Union member states
  • with Baltic Sea states
  • with European Union Eastern Partnership states
  • with strategic partner countries
Coordination of projects
  • Projects co-financed by the European Union (ISF, AMIF, Horizon 2020, JUSTICE programme)
  • Structural assistance of the European Union
  • European Union technical assistance and information exchange programme (Taiex) projects
  • Projects carried out in the framework of development cooperation