State fee amounts

Visa application and extending period of stay

Reference no. for visa application: 2900082469

If you submit visa application at a foreign representation, you will find information necessary for paying the state fee (including the reference number) on the home page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa application
In EstoniaAt a foreign representation
Airport transport visa-80 €
Short-term one-time visa at border crossing point80 €-
Long-term visa100 €100 €
Short-term visa-80 €
Visa with limited territorial validity80 €80 €
Visa for child 6-11 years of age40 €40 €
Formalization of right of stay in Estonia arising from the expiry of the term of validity of a temporary residence permit30 €-
First appeal of decisions related to visas and period of stay80 €-

Reference no. for extending period of stay: 2900082443

Extending period of stay
In EstoniaAt a foreign representation
Extending period of stay30 €-