The Värska-Saatse road

The stretch of road from Värska to Saatse has two special segments – the small and large Saatse panhandle (see map). When coming from the Estonian side on to Russian Federation territory, notification signs have been installed, drawing the motorist’s attention that they are entering Russian territory and it is not allowed to stop one’s vehicle or walk on foot anywhere within a 1 km distance, meaning

  • that vehicles may pass through Russian Federation territory as long as they do not come to a halt. Vehicles are considered to be motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles (but not scooters). It is not permitted to touch foot to ground in these segments.
  • the Russian Federation border guard has the right to carry out patrol activity in these areas and enforce the abovementioned conditions.
  • the Russian Federation has the legal right to stop vehicles passing through their territory.
  • If, due to technical reasons, the vehicle is forced to stop (continuing en route is impossible), do not exit the vehicle and notify the Saatse border station without delay and wait in the car for their arrival pending further instructions.

Skeem riigipiiri kulgemisest Värska ja Saatse teelõigul