Web constables

Web constables Andero Sepp and Jana Frolova-Alferjev are police officers who work online. They respond to information and correspondence sent by the public over the internet and train children and adults on topics related to internet safety and security. Estonia’s first web constable, Andero Sepp, started work on 1 June 2011.

Web constables can be contacted by people via different websites and by email. Some questions can be resolved just by providing advice, but others are communicated to precincts in the relevant prefecture for information or proceedings. A majority of the questions pertain to topics related to fraud, theft, slander, threats and traffic. There are no age limits and correspondence in Estonian, English and Russian is preferred. Messages are replied to as soon as possible, by the third working day at the latest.

What sorts of concerns can I turn to a web constable with?

  • If you would like advice from the police
  • If you have questions about the law
  • If you would like to send in a tip or information
  • If you suspect that someone is impersonating you online
  • If you are the victim of bullying/harassment
  • If you would like to report sexual or other abuse

It is recommended to send your question or message to one web constable, not all of them at once. The most common questions and answers can be found under the Advice (nõuanded) heading.

In cases that require rapid police intervention, call 112.

The purpose of the web constables is to give advice. They themselves do not conduct proceedings on offences. If you already intend to file a police report, you will find more detailed information here.

Coordinators of Web constables

Andero Sepp
Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Andero
E-mail: ...

Jana Frolova-Alferjev
Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Jana
VK: yana frolova veebikonstaabel
Odnoklassniki: Яна Фролова
E-mail: ...