Web police

In cases that require rapid police intervention, call 112.

What sorts of concerns can I turn to a web police with?

  • If you would like advice from the police
  • If you have questions about the law
  • If you would like to send in a tip or information
  • If you suspect that someone is impersonating you online
  • If you are the victim of bullying/harassment
  • If you would like to report sexual or other abuse

It is recommended to send your question or message to one web constable, not all of them at once.

The purpose of the web police is to give advice. They themselves do not conduct proceedings on offences. If you already intend to file a police report, you can do it here.

Contacts of Web Police

Lääne-Harju police department (Põhja-Tallinn, Kristiine, Mustamäe, Nõmme, Haabersti; Lääne-Harju, Saue, Keila, Saku, Kiili, Harku)

Pavel Prokopenko


Ida-Harju police department (Kesklinn, Lasnamäe, Pirita; Rae, Viimsi, Maardu, Jõelähtme, Kuusalu, Anija, Kose, Raasiku, Loksa)

Anna-Liisa Kreitsman


Tartu police department (Tartu- ja Jõgevamaa)

Alik Säde


Viljandi police department

Elerin Tetsmann


Jõhvi police department

Darja Park


Rakvere police department

Getter Kangur


Narva police department

Anastassia Semjonova


Pärnu police department

Karmen Raud


Kesk-Eesti police department (Rapla- ja Järvamaa)

Virginia Ciunite


Haapsalu police department (Lääne-, Hiiu- ja Saaremaa)

Elina Laas


Kagu police department (Põlva-, Võru- ja Valgamaa)

Janar Koemets


Coordinators of Web constables

Andero Sepp

Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Andero

E-mail: ...

Jana Frolova-Alferjev


Facebook: Veebipolitseinik Jana