Expiry of a weapons permit

How long is the weapons permit valid for?

As a rule, weapons permits are issued for five years.

How do I check the validity of my permit?

You can check the validity of your weapons permit at the state portal eesti.ee or at the self-service portal of the Police and Border Guard Board.

What should I do if my weapons permit is about to expire?

An application for extension must be submitted at least two months before the expiry of the permit. Read more about it here.

In Estonia, only individuals who are citizens of Estonia, a NATO or an EU country and who have a residence permit or right of residence in Estonia can extend their weapons permit.

What should I do with my weapon when the weapons permit expires?

You must bring the weapons you have in your possession to the police by the last working day of your permit at the latest. You may also sell or consign your weapon before the expiry of the permit, but you must bear in mind that once the permit expires, you can no longer be in possession of the weapon.

If you wish to sell your weapon yourself or on consignment before the permit expires, read the instructions here.

If you wish to bring the weapon to the police, contact the police well in advance to agree on a time and place to hand it over. Contact the prefecture of your choice. Find the details here.

The police will keep your weapon for three months, during which you may sell it or sell it on consignment. After that your weapon will be expropriated for compensation by the police. If your weapons permit expires due to an amendment to the Weapons Act, according to which only Estonian citizens and citizens of NATO and EU countries can apply for a weapons permit in Estonia, the police will keep your weapon for a year before expropriating it.

If you bring a weapon to the police and do not wish to sell it, you can also apply to have it destroyed.

If you wish to keep the weapon after the expiry of the permit, you can apply to have it rendered inoperable. Read more about it here.