The bank details you need to pay fines mandated by a police officer can be found on the misdemeanour decision issued to the accused or made available.

A fine for a misdemeanour can be paid only by bank transfer. If necessary, a misdemeanour fine can be paid in cash as well but using the services of a bank branch.

Misdemeanour fines are to be paid by the due date specified on the misdemeanour decision (in general within 15 days of the issue of the decision). Misdemeanour fines unpaid by the due date will be sent automatically by the information system to a bailiff for compulsory enforcement. If this happens, the bailiff will commence enforcement procedure in accordance with the Code of Enforcement Procedure.

If enforcement procedure has been commenced for collecting an unpaid misdemeanour fine, the fine must be paid to the payment details specified on the enforcement notice. If the debtor pays the fine after the commencement of enforcement procedure to the original bank details indicated on the misdemeanour decision, the bailiff will not receive the information on the payment and the fine amount may be collected from the debtor’s bank account. If a fine becomes collectible under enforcement procedure due to late payment, the debtor will always incur additional costs, as the bailiff’s fee is added to the amount owed. Thus, it is a good idea to pay the fine by the date of the entry into force of the punishment decision.

For more information on payment of misdemeanour fines, consult an extrajudicial processor who signed the misdemeanour decision and whose contact details are specified on the decision.