Information about payment of fines

Payment by bank transfer

Name of payment recipient: Rahandusministeerium (Ministry of Finance)

The Ministry of Finance’s bank accounts
BankBank accountBIC/SWIFTAddress
SEB Pank ASEE891010220034796011EEUHEE2XTornimäe 2, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 15010
Swedbank ASEE932200221023778606HABAEE2XLiivalaia 8, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 15040
Luminor Bank ASEE701700017001577198NDEAEE2XLiivalaia tn 45, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10145
LHV PankEE777700771003813400LHVBEE22Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Harju maakond

The reference number is specified on the decision. The payment cannot be made without supplying the reference number.

If the payment is made on behalf of another person, be sure to add the name of the person for whom the fine is being paid in the payment details. In addition, the misdemeanour decision number can be noted as well.

If the fine is paid by transfer from a bank located outside Estonia, it is obligatory to specify the payment recipient, the name of the bank, the bank account number (IBAN), BIC or SWIFT code, and the amount. Also note the reference number or misdemeanour number in the “lisainfo” (more information) field along with the person’s name for whom the fine is paid. For more detailed instructions for executing international transfers, visit your own bank’s website.

For foreign payment

For the international payment of penalty please fill in the payment order as follows:

Beneficiary: Rahandusministeerium

Bank: Swedbank AS

IBAN: EE932200221023778606


Amount: The total amount on your decision

Reference No.: According to the reference number on your decision ("viitenumber")

Explanation: Reference number or decision number and the full name of the person the decision was issued for.

Payment in cash at a bank branch near you: transaction – cash deposit (sularaha sissemakse).

The bank details you need to pay fines mandated by a police officer can be found on the misdemeanour decision issued to the accused or made available.

Misdemeanour fines are to be paid by the due date specified on the misdemeanour decision (in general within 15 days of the issue of the decision). Misdemeanour fines unpaid by the due date will be sent automatically by the information system to a bailiff for compulsory enforcement. If this happens, the bailiff will commence enforcement procedure in accordance with the Code of Enforcement Procedure.

On the day after payment, be sure to check your account statement. If there were any errors in the transfer, the sum will be returned by the payer’s bank and the transfer will not take place.

It is possible for a person subject to proceedings to pay a fine in instalments if there is good reason. The request for this must be submitted within 15 days of receiving the misdemeanour report.

The court decision in a misdemeanour case will come into force 15 days after the date on which the decision is made available, specified on the misdemeanour report. Pursuant to subsection 203 (2) of the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure, a court judgment on the punishment of an offender shall be executed within ten days as of the date of entry into force of the judgment.

If enforcement procedure has been commenced for collecting an unpaid misdemeanour fine, the fine must be paid to the payment details specified on the enforcement notice. If the debtor pays the fine after the commencement of enforcement procedure to the original bank details indicated on the misdemeanour decision, the bailiff will not receive the information on the payment and the fine amount may be collected from the debtor’s bank account. If a fine becomes collectible under enforcement procedure due to late payment, the debtor will always incur additional costs, as the bailiff’s fee is added to the amount owed. Thus, it is a good idea to pay the fine by the date of the entry into force of the punishment decision.

It is possible to for the payer to seek a refund of an amount that was paid twice, amounts paid in excess, and amounts received on the fine account by mistake. For this you need to submit the relevant application:

  • a written application at a local prefecture
  • a digitally signed application emailed to For more information on digital signing, visit this page.
  • mail the application to the PBGB at Pärnu mnt 139, 15060 Tallinn.

For more information on payment of misdemeanour fines, consult an extrajudicial processor who signed the misdemeanour decision and whose contact details are specified on the decision.