Information on the war in Ukraine

Situation at the Border

Why are border controls being reintroduced?

The aim of the police is to get an overview of the number of Ukrainian citizens entering Estonia, who they are and where they are heading. We want to get in touch with people in need as early as possible. We also provide them with up-to-date information at the border about the opportunities of living and working in Estonia. In addition, we can identify people who are not entitled to enter Estonia at the border.

Where will border crossing points be established?

Border crossing points will be established between Estonia and Latvia at four locations, three in Valga and one in Ikla. During the reintroduction of border control between Estonia and Latvia, people are allowed to cross the state border between the border crossing points as usual.

What does border control at the Estonian-Latvian border involve?

It involves the establishment of more border crossing points, including creating temporary positions for police officers, and more police presence at the border, enabling us to assist Ukrainian citizens better. We will check the people entering the country, enter their details in the border control database PIKO and provide them with relevant information on how Estonia can help them. In addition, we can identify people who are not entitled to enter Estonia at the border.

Who will have to undergo a border check at the Estonian-Latvian border?

Checks will be carried out on everyone entering the country. Third country nationals will be checked more thoroughly. Estonians and other EU citizens will be able to cross the border more quickly.

How do you determine that the person entering the country is a third country national?

The police will stop border crossers to establish their nationality on the basis of travel documents. In the absence of travel documents, nationality or country of origin will be established on the basis of other documents or the person's statements.

How long do you plan to carry out such checks?

Initially such checks will be carried out for ten days. This period will be extended if necessary.

Will you involve the Defence League as well?


Will barriers be placed at the border?

There are currently no plans to install any barriers.

Will the PBGB close smaller roads?

No. Smaller roads into the country will not be closed, however, patrols can stop people entering the country via smaller roads, record people's details and help those in need.

Why did the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) request support from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency?

The situation at the external border in the areas between the border crossing points is calm, but in order to have more eyes and ears at the land border, the PBGB made a proposal to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) to deploy up to a few dozen of their officers with vehicles in our border patrols. The exact number of officers and the amount of equipment is to be agreed. The officers would be an addition to the seven Frontex officers already working at our border crossing points. Estonia, like other Member States, can benefit from the assistance provided by Frontex in a variety of situations, including when the situation at the border is calm.