Information on the war in Ukraine

Possibilities for Ukrainian war refugees to stay in Estonia

Find out what to do if you left Ukraine before 24 February and wish to stay in Estonia.

Applying for temporary protection

In accordance with the Government’s decision, Ukrainian citizens and their family members who fled the country after the Russian military aggression started on 24 February are granted temporary protection in Estonia, which means they receive an Estonian residence permit valid for one year.

Applying for international protection

People who left Ukraine earlier but cannot return because of the war can stay in Estonia without a visa. In addition, they can apply for international protection. While the procedure for international protection usually takes up to six months, it is conducted in a simplified manner for Ukrainian citizens and lasts for about a month.

Ukrainian citizens seeking international protection are provided with accommodation and subsistence for four months in the same way as war refugees seeking temporary protection. If they so wish, the applicants may live independently elsewhere, for example with acquaintances or relatives.

The right to work in Estonia during the one-month procedure depends on whether the person previously had a legal basis to do so. If the person was in Estonia already before the war and was working on the basis of a registration of short-term employment, he or she may continue to work during the procedure for international protection. If the person did not previously have the right to work, he or she may not work in Estonia before being granted international protection.