ID card for an EU citizen

Submitting an application at a service office

An EU citizen can obtain the right of residence upon registration of his/her place of residence located in Estonia in the population register of Estonia.

To apply for an ID card, please choose a suitable client service office and take an identity document with you.

If you wish, you can book an appointment for applying for an ID card at a client service office.

Browse client service offices.

Book an appointment at a client service office.

Standard ID card application procedure

When opting for the standard ID card application procedure, the card will be ready within a maximum of 30 after the application was accepted for processing.

Providing fingerprints

When applying for an ID card, you have to provide fingerprints. Fingerprints are valid for 6 years.

Check the validity of your fingerprints.

You do not need to provide fingerprints again if you are over 70 years old and have previously provided fingerprints.

Authorization to collect an ID card

If you would like to authorize someone to collect your ID card for you, you need to decide this when submitting your application. When collecting the document, the authorized person must present their own valid Estonian identity document along with the applicant’s existing ID card.

Document photo

You can send your document photograph in digital format by email to ....

See requirements and recommendations for document photos.

Taking a document photo at the service office

All client service offices (except for Keila) are equipped with photo booths where you can take a document photograph free of charge.

State fee

For an ID card

The state fee for an ID card is €30.

The state fee for an ID card is €10 for people who have reached the general retirement age applicable in Estonia.

Persons with a moderate, severe or profound disability are eligible for a discount rate and are charged a state fee of €10 for an ID card.

Paying the state fee at the client service office

You can pay the state fee at a client service office

  • in cash
  • by card
  • using a client computer

You can not pay the state fee using an American Express card.