E-Resident's digital ID

What is it?

An e-resident is an alien to whom, as a benefit, Estonia has created a digital identity based on the identity of the country of nationality of the person and issued a digital identity card: e-resident’s digital ID.

e-Resident’s digital ID is a digital document that can only be used to identify a person and provide a digital signature in an electronic environment. e-Resident’s digital-ID allows an alien to participate in public-law and private-law operations in Estonia regardless of her or his physical location.

e-Resident’s digital ID does not grant the right to reside in Estonia. More information on residing and working in Estonia is available in the residence permit section.

e-Resident’s digital ID may be granted to a person who has a justified interest in using the e-services of the Estonian state and who:

  • is an alien who does not have a residence permit or right of residence in Estonia;
  • is not an alien who is staying in Estonia pursuant to the International Military Co-operation Act and holds a valid identity card or residence permit issued by the PBGB.

e-Resident’s digital ID is not granted to an Estonian citizen staying abroad who is entitled to an Estonian identity document.

e-Resident’s digital ID-s issued since 1 May 2018 have a period of validity of five years.

More information is available on the e-Residency website (in English).

E-residendi digi-ID esikülg

Conditions of use of certificates

ID user support www.id.ee
Suspension of certificates: +372 677 3377