Refugee’s travel document

Claiming your document

Booking a time at the service office

It is possible to reserve a time at the service office for claiming the document.

See service offices

Reserve a time

Applying for passport under ordinary procedure

After your application has been accepted, it will take a maximum of 30 days to prepare your passport under ordinary procedure.

Applying for passport under expedited procedure

It will take a maximum of 2 working days to prepare a passport applied for under expedited procedure. The time until the passport is issued starts on the working day after the application is submitted.

Changing the pick-up location of a document

Changing the pick-up location of a document will cost €10.

I will claim my passport myself

To claim your new document, bring your old passport.

I will send a person I have authorized to claim the passport

The document will be issued to your representative only if the application was submitted in a service office or foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia and the authorization was submitted already upon submission of the application for the document. If you have authorized someone else to claim your passport, they must bring with them their own valid Estonian identity document and your old passport.